LET'S GET JACKED UP! Twilight Warp Zone

LET'S GET JACKED UP! Twilight Warp Zone

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Tonight we discuss what is going on in this world, and is every industry for making money created equal in the eyes of God? Should Bible believing Christians work anywhere they want to, & still be effective for God's Kingdom? Bobby has some Crazy, funny, yet Riske news on his Crazy news segment, listeners discretion is advised for some of this episode and may not be appropriate for children.

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  1. 00:00
  2. 05:29
    What is happening to this world
  3. 42:41
    Break Time
  4. 51:10
    Back to the show
  5. 56:28
    Main Topic-Christian Only Fan Model
  6. 110:45
    Bobby's Crazy News
  7. 133:56
    closing prayer

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